Blackburn Leisure Squash Club
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Blackburn Leisure Squash Club runs an internal competition throughout the Summer period (May - August).

Players are drawn into teams at random and each player is seeded 1, 2 or 3. Each player also receives a handicap starting score to level the playing field and make the matches a little more interesting.

Each game will last 25 minuntes of non-stop squash with the point-a-rally (PAR) scoring system. The player with the most points, when the 25 minutes are up, is the winner of the game.

Teams play each other in a league format, once everyone has played each other, the league will be split into two. The top half teams enter the Cup league and the bottom half will enter the Plate league.

Once the teams have played each other again, the top 2 in each league will be in the play-off Final - to win the Cup or Plate.

This really is a friendly competion that all members are invited to join in with!

If you are interested in playing or need more information about the Summer League please get in touch with us.
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